Mallory O'Conor


Mallory O'Conor


I'm Mallory and I'm a brand and digital designer based in Washington, D.C. I studied Graphic Design at the University of Maryland, where I also completed the Smith School of Business's Strategic Design and Innovation Fellowship program and a minor in Art History. From Discovery Communications to small technology companies, in addition to multiple offices on Maryland's campus, I sharpened my design and professional skills through multiple internships as an undergrad.

After graduation, I joined Spoke, a small creative agency where I have been for over a year. At Spoke, I wear many hats and am trusted with a lot of responsibility and project ownership. I manage and execute brand and digital design projects from the discovery phase to final deliverables. Through my design work, I solve problems and amplify communication for a range of clients in the private, public and social impact sectors. Outside of Spoke, I take on freelance and pro-bono projects for people and brands I care about.  

Outside of design I'm either at a yoga class, admiring other people's dogs from afar, transfixed by a podcast or attempting to cook (it's looking up). Thanks for visiting my portfolio!